Tips For Planning A Picnic In Champaign, Illinois

In this day and age, it is nice to occasionally take a step back from technology and enjoy some of the simpler things. Having a picnic with your friends or loved ones is a great way to reconnect, enjoying each other’s company surrounded by beautiful scenery and the relaxing sounds of nature. Keep reading for some tips on how to plan the perfect picnic in Champaign, Illinois:

1. Pick a park.

Picnicking in a park is usually the best option. City parks are open to everyone, meaning that you don’t have to worry about inadvertently trespassing on someone else’s land. Additionally, they also usually have amenities like picnic tables that can make dining outdoors more enjoyable.

Visit the city’s website and check out the list of parks in the area. Decide what type of experience you are looking for. For instance, some parks have walking paths, beautiful trees, and picnic tables, providing the ideal setting for a quiet, relaxing picnic. Others have children’s playground equipment, making them a good choice for a picnic with young children.

2. Decide what you are going to eat.

When eating outdoors, it is important to choose food that isn’t too difficult to manage. As a general rule of thumb, finger food is the best choice. For instance, fried chicken is a better option than soup, simply because it is a lot easier to eat and requires a lot fewer utensils. Some popular choices that you may want to consider include sandwiches, hot dogs, potato salad, potato chips, and fresh fruit.

3. Decide where you are going to sit.
If you are going to a park that has picnic tables, you can always sit at one of the available tables. If you are going to a park without tables, however, you should definitely bring along a blanket. Sitting on a comfortable blanket on the ground is ideal for picnicking since it creates a casual, relaxed atmosphere. The blanket will protect you from moisture and crawling insects, helping to ensure that you stay dry and bug-free while you eat. Speaking of bugs, don’t forget to pack your bug spray. Nothing ruins a picnic faster than being swarmed by mosquitoes.

Champaign, Illinois has some great picnicking spots. You can plan the perfect day by choosing a park, planning your menu, and bringing along comfortable seating. No matter where you decide to eat, a picnic provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with people that you care about doing something that you love.